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Submitted on
April 17, 2004
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Feels Like Home

I want to spread my wings and fly,
Escape beyond the clouds and sky,
Into a world of fairy tales and fantasies,
Stare around, yes, this place feels like home to me.

I want to live in a world of dreams and magic,
Where people live in peace and nothing’s as tragic,
Where bunnies can talk,
And trees can walk,
Yes, this place feels like home to me.

I want to feel wanted and adored,
Where it’s wrong to be perfect, and good to be flawed,
In my new land of enchantment,
Where my traits won’t need enhancement,
Yes, this places feels like home to me.

I want to live here forever,
And my heart won’t ever sever,
In my world of pink towers,
And magical powers,
Yes, this place feels like home to me.

In this paradise there’s no eviction,
It’s real, way more than just fiction,
Where I can slide over rainbows,
And race through blue meadows,
Yes, this place feels like home to me.

Every day here is a gift, a blessing,
There are no worries, absolutely no stressing,
You are free to relax,
This is what Earth really lacks,
Because this place is my home to me.
I think I am actually in love with this poem. I have been smiling ever since I wrote the first line, it's amazing. Completely different from all of my other poems, but very unique! It is about a paradise fantasy land beyond the clouds, read it and see, I hope you all start smiling too, :D.
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i love this. really cheered me up :D

thnx alot :smooch:
hey im glad it cheered you up! dont be all sad and downy :D
meh........luke thinks he fncies u....
meh...luke should think twice because he doesnt know what im really like..
u shood think twice bcoz ur brain only duz 50% of work the rest of the worlds brains do. mwahha :mwahaha:
yeah you did!!! my small mind went into overload mode
dont worry. confused u. hehe :rofl:
jackio37 Apr 17, 2004   Writer
yay its happy :hug: l think it is who cares good on ya
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